I write about childhood trauma and living as a bipolar multiple. Some poetry and ranty bits.


F*** you, I won’t do what you tell me!

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Some things are getting worse. But they might have to before they can get better? My husband has noticed i’m standoffish and withdrawn. He’s noticed i consistently go to bed at a different time than him. He’s marked that i’m up multiple times a night, and asked me about it…

I write about navigating life with a weird brain.

You might notice I like lilacs. (Photo by author.)

Hello, and welcome to my crazy life.

I spent the better part of 40 years just trying to survive, and around 15 trying to figure out how to do more than that. Here I am in my fifties, just now ready to put all my hard work to the test…


Knitting Bones With Paper Stars

No Thank You, Please

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Well, if you were anticipating this post due to my last one, here we go.
And WELCOME! Really, i’m glad you’re here.

I’m not sure how this will manifest, i’m just gonna start blathering, and then see if i can make it semi-cohesive. Although i will say…


Knitting Bones With Paper Stars

Eating My Feelings

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I expected this, so it’s okay. I mean, it’s part of the process, right? A blog about sex was definitely gonna stir up some shit for me. Therefore, since it all makes sense and is understandable, it’s totally fine that i’m screwed up right now, right?

Elle Canta

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